Renovation included extending patio space, adding walkways and Stairs into wall, upper level planting, new area for free standing fire pit. Shrubs planted to hide wall that will mature in 3 years.




Patchy weedy grass removed from over half of back yard area. Herb garden planted with Sages, Rosemary, Lavender and a Witch Hazel. Decompsed Granite covers ground in between. Pond and curving paths added, shredded redwood under mature Ginko tree to cover roots. Fences planted with climbing vines of Jasmine and Passion vine. Trellis's added to corner and planted with climbing roses and fragrant Wisteria. Large picture is view from large sliding glass in dining area.

Before AFTER
Large living room window looks out on this side yard. Not even weedy grass could make it in the shady area. Large Virginia Creeper that was dangling from neighbors yard was pruned up. Hanging pots then attached to fence,planted with small plants such as Lamium and other mints. Planted below is Bear's Breeches and ferns. Decomposed granite extends from herb garden area (above). Much improved view from inside!