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Edible landscaping
Organic gardening
Wildlife habitat
Sustainable Landscaping ( or what we call doing more with less!)
Soils and Fertilizer( Master Gardeners)    Link to Presention ,   and
remember - "Feed the soil, and plants take care of themselves!" - shilo
Drought tolerant landscapes, and water saving tips(Front Yard Nursery)
Come hear about all kinds of water saving tips, and become familiar with
our best drought-tolerant plants, including natives, and how to use them
your garden. - Feb. 24, March 8 and 10, 2014

Articles by Shilo
Garden myths explained
Gardening in the country
Intro to rainwater harvesting
Green Manure
Guidelines for smart ( money saving) gardening
Compost happens
Edible landscapes 101

Encouraging Wildlife Habitat

Heat Loving Plants

Intro to Xeriscape

Moles and Gophers OH MY!       

Basic Seed Saving

Compost FAQ

Designing with Herbs ( Presentation)

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Other Links  - Native Plant society(CA), wild edible

plants, and more!


 Certified in Sustainable Landscaping Practices by UCCE Coop. Ext.

Certified in Edible Landscaping Practices by UCCE Coop. Ext.

Certified  Green Gardener with Sacramento Regional Water Authority

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