About Elegant Harvest Landscaping Design

Started by Shilo Nielsen in 2002 and is located in Shingle Springs, CA

Shilo is a long-time avid gardener, with a BA in Marine Biology. She also worked as a software designer before finding her true calling as a garden designer. Shilo holds a diploma in Garden Design from the Institute of Garden Design.

Shilo is also a Master Gardener in El Dorado county, and has had articles published in the local newspaper.

Shilo has worked as a Nurseryman for Front Yard Nursery, and continues to consult for them.

"As a mission , I want to encourage people to use more edibles in their landscapes, as they are not only asthetically pleasing, functional, but good for the environment. As more land is lost to urban development, more farmland is lost. The quality of locally grown produce is far above the imported, and becoming more expensive. Growing much of your own vegetables is economically practical as well as self-fulfilling."

Food aside, drought tolerant ornamentals are also encouraged.
Shilo utilizes and consults in organic gardening practices, and Mulching, Mulching, Mulching!